Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'ma bubble head!

1) Jay-Z- Reservoir Dogs
2) Fat Joe- John Blaze
3) N.O.R.E.- Banned From T.V.

This ain't up for discussion. This is solely based on my in depth discussions with my mellow Big Doves TCK on our favorite posse cuts from '96 to 2000. I'm not gonna front I used to dread this fucking music when it came out. I was too entrenched in my crunchy granola backpack rap to even wrap my brain on this beautiful ignorance. Also this shit is dead nowadays. And please don't fucking mention DJ Khaled. His songs are good and could be arguably the bastard off spring of these late 90's gems but none of them will be timeless as said mention songs above. Sit back and perfect your ice grill...