Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nous Lançons la Vogue

Final night. Amazing private dinner then went to do a dance or two over at the PainOchokolat party. Happen to bump into some London mates and the Colette crew. Part Duex this Spring...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Once again another experience that makes me feel like a dumb American. The only thing I can compare it to is The Cloisters and it doesn't even come close. Not the biggest Jeff Koons fan but to see the work in this venue changes my whole perspective. At the end it is still the art of getting over...

Warm-Up Night Paris

First evening out with Luke and Lucy. Carhartt fest with DJ Mehdi and Dave1. Almost got to thumping with Luke with some asshole outside. He ain't want none. Food was ill and the parisian sisters were in full effect.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yak Ballz

My man, my mellow, my homepiss/crew member Mr. Yak Ballz aka Yak Skywalker. This is long over due but it took some time for me to properly put my thoughts together for this post. I met Yako back in the day at Vaz's crib and heard one of his first freestyles. Right after that I think me Vaz laughed and might have beat him and Vaz's little brother Pato Le Chin up for interrupting our Cherry Valley session. Long story short Vaz scores Yak or should I say Yashar a gig at Bobbito's Footwork. He introduces himself to me again, I didn't understand him so I decided to call him Yak. Everyone thought it was hysterical and it stuck. A few days later Bob added the Ballz. So goes the story for Yako. Fast forward almost 12 years later and Yak is at the forefront of the independent hip-hop scene. One of the last kids to get down with TCK along with Doves I am proud to say that I know the man. Up top are some my favorite cuts from Yak's catalogue. He also dropped his first fancy video for his latest album Scifentology 2. Support, cop and enjoy. Peace....

Monday, December 22, 2008

London We Go Hard

Final night in London went all out. Pubs, trannies, vietnemese food. Dope to see some of my ex-brit crew from out here out there. Big shout to my mellow Kish Kash for sorting me out. I def owe you big time. Best moment of the trip was spotting the lead singer of The Good Shoes(one of my favorite bands for a minute!) bartending at a house party.