Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweet P

As you all know by now that the city has been in the midst of a hostile douche bag takeover. Sweet P is one of the last spots you can get wasted with friends and not worry about the suits. For now...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


New Balance WRC576B...very rare that I get psyched on anything kicks related but these are crack...

DTP for your face!

If your in LA go out and rep! Shaq aka Coco Hilton will be on the wheels...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Phil Knott

Last weekend participated in a book project coming out of The KDU camp. Mr. Phil Knott came uptown to the crib bright and early to take the kids portrait. I have been following Mr. Knott's career for some time now. Super cool and super humble. Anyone that can share a Black Label on the rocks at 10:30am on a Saturday is good in my book. To check his work click header above. Big shout to Phil Chang for making it happen. Look forward to see the end result.

Friday, August 22, 2008

30's not enuff...

f: Host wit the Most aka Father Time aka Mr. Does

f: Patty Yoon aka Triple "P"!!!

f: Raphael Rios

f: Angela Ski

f: Shaniqwa Jarvis

Thanks to friends and fam for making my 30th the best...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Turn On The Radio

I believe that in true competitive spirit that radio has woken the fuck up and finally put some good shit on the airwaves again. With internet radio stations, ipods and satellite radio(by the way the SoulStreet station on Sirius is no joke) who really still listens to the radio besides me? If you grew up in NY I really don't have to go into the classic stations and programs that we had growing up. I think the height of radio for me was listening to Howard Stern in the morning from 1990 up until he left for satellite. Point being is that about a month ago Star and Buckwild came back to the airwaves on 87.7 and 101.9 formerly Smooth Jazz has become a alternative rock station with Matt Pinfield in the morning. I am literally torn each morning between who I should listen too. My choice is either indulge in on a full on onslaught of hate with Star or revel in nostalgia with Matt Pinfield. The only downfall with Star is that 87.7 is a dance station and they are some real wack ass Ibiza trippin on X shit. With Matt there is nothing but dope tunes. I tried telling some heads at work about this and everybody looked crazy at me for still having a radio. Go figure...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I met Vito a long time ago when I was working at Stussy and he must have been 14 yrs old. Then when I was over NDG I got to know Vito a bit better. Super nice kid and always on the humble. I am an admitted hater to the tenth degree and will be first online to shut down a rich kid trying to come up but this is a good dude. Young art dealer on the move. Check out this months Details. He has a two page write-up and talks more in depth of his career path.