Thursday, July 31, 2008


Once a month my co-worker West receives his complimentary copy of XXL Magazine. He always gets a good laugh at my expense because I am genuinely psyched when I see the large yellow envelope. Usually there is nothing in it and it is a big disappointment. But this month in their up and coming section they wrote up this kid Asher Roth. At first I was mad skeptical when I saw the photo. Suburban white kids in a backyard doing a keg stand. I mean does it get anymore Beastie Boys referenced to death stereotype of a white rapper??? As I read the story three names came up that caught my attention DJ Drama, Jiggaman, and Steve Rifkind. I'm a fan of all three and all three have had their hands in shaping the music that I love. Hate them or love them they have made ill shit. Went to Asher's myspace page....needless to say the kid is nice. Punchlines, stories, wit, and he has charisma. It seems that Jigga passed on him and it has put a battery in this kids back. Nothing worse than a person with nothing to lose and has the talent and backing to make some noise. Didn't we all see the end of Carlito's Way? Go to the kids myspace page and download his mixtape for free...Click on the header above runts...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dead City

Checked out Abe Vigoda last Sunday at the Mercury. They kicked ass and impressed the shit out of me. Dragged Jake out of his Bleeker St. lab to scope out his next project before he becomes Brett Ratner. Stuck around for Ponytail to rock at the end. Not bad. The drummer was gnarly. Not too sure if I'm into the sreaming craze but good energy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dawn Mellor

New painter I came across at Team Gallery. Interesting take on Dorothy. There is another part of the exhibition depicting pop figures in a not so flattering light. Not too craze about the second part even though there is a Morrissey portrait.

Mr. Jordan

It's nice to see my drinking buddy go places. Still waiting for my print Todd.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abe Vigoda

Cali latin youth gettin their rock on. Dig on these kids. Peep them at the Mercury on Sunday.

Spring '09 Joints

Dopeness from Junya, Richard Chai, Dries, YSL, Demuelemeester, Margiela and Cerruti. Co-sign it all except for open toes on men. Pump the brakes on that craze.

Monday, July 7, 2008

KingSize RIP

It's a shame to write this but last Saturday stopped by KingSize to bid farewell to the space. Another one of my favorite spots bites the dust. Good looks Danny for letting me start Coochifrito there. Trees, reggae, stripper pole and hook-ups. Lawd have mercy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooch 1 Year! Bong! + Mix

Peace to everyone that made Coochifrito First Year throwdown a dope night! Small run of Coochifrito tee's were made for the night including a Coochifrito mix done by dynamic duo DJ Smoke and DJ IronLung. Click on header above to listen to the mix. Special thanks to Nort for supplying bags and tees for the party people. Big hug to my partner Gaby for holding it down. Good looks 42Below for the spirits. Petey and Dorian special special salute! Let's keep it going!