Friday, December 18, 2009

Sento TFP

If not the the number one influence in my graffiti life, I can easily say top two. Mr. Sento TFP. Unless you were a kid growing up in the city and heavy into graff it is hard to explain the evolution of the style lettering. Around the year (and please don't quote me) of '82 Phase 2 started developing a school of abstract lettering and piecing. From this school I feel it allowed other writers to get looser with style. From this you have Sento and Ghost. But to me Sento really set it off with the abstract lettering and drawing objects in place of letters. This blew me way at the ago of 9. Since my travels over the past 2 years to Europe I also have had the chance to see the impact of Sento on a worldwide basis. Let me push bi-focals back and just say I think Sento is dope. Look him up on Amazon, he has a book out.