Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take That!

With the lack of good rap music coming out of NY I'm having a bit of nostalgia for the day's of when Bad Boy reigned supreme on the radio. I was never a big fan in the early 90's but these songs will always get me hyped where ever I am on the globe. Ladies and germs I bring you my top three Bad Boy moments. Please take into mind before I get all the emails "Where is Juicy and Hypnotized?". Fall back..thats too easy.
1) Flava In Ya Ear Remix solidified Bad Boy as a label not to be fucked with. This officially announced the "Big Mack" campaign.
2) Woah was Black Rob single handedly saving the label in '96 with Biggie gone.
3) Lets Get It was a banger in 2001 that brought back Bad Boy for a hot minute but introduced The Harlem Shake and G Dep's weird ass flow. It worked...